av O Englund · 2011 · Citerat av 4 — land used for food crops and biofuel crop can affect the potential of Tanzania to contribute with There has been a rapid growth in soybean production in Argentina (see the figure below). Africa: up for Grabs – The scale and impact of land.


Land grabbing is an impetuous economic phenomenon started in 2008 that gave life to massive investments and foreign capital flows in the south of the world. Mainly spread in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, it consists in acquiring large portions of land to develop monocultures. The acquisitions are made by governments, big companies or privates.

The article below is View Article One of the workshops at the peoples summit during the G20 was about the issue of land grabbing, how this adversely affects local populations and the argument The Oakland Institute sounds the alarm on the threat that land grabbing poses to food security and livelihoods. Land grabs--the purchase of vast tracts of land from poor, developing countries by wealthier, food-insecure nations and private investors--have become a widespread phenomenon, with foreign interests seeking or securing between 37 million and 49 million acres of farmland between 2006 and … Acazis AG, a German company, that has been consistently accused of land grabbing in Ethiopia, has about 56,000 ha of Ethiopian farmland growing grain for their home biodiesel market. DWS GALOF, a fund offered by Deutsche Bank, has also in recent years bought 57,000 ha of land in Africa. 3 The last decade has witnessed a serious change in the distribution and accessibility of food. In 2010 Ethiopia was home to 2.8 million people in need of emergency food aid; yet this country had concurrently sold more than 600,000 hectares of agricultural land to transnational companies that export the majority of their produce (Reuters, 2011; Economist, 2009; Green, 2011).

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Today land grabbing involves millions of hectares, equivalent to an area as big as Spain, and it continues to spread relentlessly. The land grab is being blamed on wealthy countries with concerns about food security. Some of the largest deals include South Korea's acquisition of 700,000ha in Sudan, and Saudi Arabia's purchase Large-scale land acquisitions are widespread in Africa. In the 2000s, Africa became a 'grabbers’ hotspot', following global concerns over food security and fuel supplies. A report issued jointly by the groups Polaris and the Oakland Institute entitled “Land Grab Leaves Africa Thirsty,” warns that “if all the 40 million hectares of land that were acquired on the continent in 2009 come under cultivation, a staggering volume of water would be required for irrigation . . .

The term ‘land grabbing’ re-emerged on the international stage in the context of a spike in global food prices in 2007-2008.

An increase in land grabbing in Uganda has pushed Slow Food to launch a campaign against it After the press conference held today in Mukono (Uganda), Slow Food has officially launched the campaign “Our Future is in Danger: Stop Land Grabbing!” The campaign aims to raise awareness about land grabbing* and its consequences among the …

Processad är palmolja smak- och luktlös, fast och härsknar inte lika snabbt som brott mot urfolkens rättigheter, land grabbing och en produktion som bidrar till  The commodification and grabbing of lands must be stopped and reversed. The simple truth is that the world needs more food, and that means more är nu beredda att medverka till jordreformen, fast inget har hänt ännu.

Land grabbing and fast food

Hence, in a single crop sector we find multiple contexts of land grabs: food, feed, energy/fuel and climate change mitigation strategies.21 These are articulated through increasingly entangled global commodity value chains, making it impossible to reduce all these heterogeneous dynamics to a single driver of land grabbing.

Land grabbing and fast food

Dec 2, 2016 - Explore Linn Klara's board "Restaurant inspo" on Pinterest. Miljövänliga luftplantor: 28 idéer för växterna alla pratar om | Land Adding pottery to your home décor is an innovative way of lighting it up and grabbing Because there's no fast food chains to feed the masses with insipid fare, Shetland manages. You work for a global Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Corruption in global supply chain food systems is also well documented. increased land grabbing, forced displacement of indigenous people, poor working. varuproduktion utan att det också innebär omfattande landgrabbing och tvångsförflyttning Artikel 1 och 2 i avtalet fastställer att parterna själva är ansvariga för sina egna issues/food/animal-agricultures-impact-on-climate-.

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Land grabbing and fast food

Now, the food estate project has been expanded to North Sumatra, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), South Sumatra, Papua, and Riau. The subject of transnational land acquisitions, infamously referred to as land grabbing, has increasingly become an important policy concern in Africa as acquisitions have grown in scale and number. that surround the land grabbing phenomenon. Foreign investments in agriculture (a less controversial term than land grabbing) are said to be made in the name of food securities.

Church of Nyskoga A beautiful white-painted wooden church in the land of the Forest Finns. Find quick answers or ask a question to the property.
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GRAIN is a small international non-profit organisation that works to support small farmers and social movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems

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Keywords: Land grabbing, Food production, Poverty ties, Sustainable Many of the governments hinge their actions as being ready and viable tools for fast 

2017] LAND GRABS & FOOD SECURITY 475 human rights such as the right to food and the right to land.4 While land grabs are currently a global problem, it is unlikely that the land rush will ever truly end. Instead of trying to eradicate the purchase of la nd in host countries by foreign governments Community Development Association (CDA) is a highly secular, non-partisan-non-Government Development Organization (NGDO) established in the year 1985-1986 in North Western Part of Bangladesh CDA gradually has been shifted its strategic position from charity to a Right based Organization now facilitating among the poorest, landless and marginal farmers along with the plain land indigenous people (IP) including the differently able men, women &youth with a view to empower, ensure and secure Land grabbing and food sovereignty: the inimical relationship Food sovereignty is a concept developed by Via Campesina in 1996 as an alternative to neoliberal policies and the industrial model of production. The problem of land grabbing by foreign investors and governments, however, extends well beyond the confines of Cambodia. Elsewhere in Asia similar examples can be seen, as well as in Africa .

A report issued jointly by the groups Polaris and the Oakland Institute entitled “Land Grab Leaves Africa Thirsty,” warns that “if all the 40 million hectares of land that were acquired on the continent in 2009 come under cultivation, a staggering volume of water would be required for irrigation . . . approximately twice the volume of However, far from the comedic genius of the late Harvey Korman, the new Federal land grab is a serious threat to private property owners in the United States.